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kiseki_okose's Cove

All enquires: kiseki.okose@gmail.com | Reprints email: kiseki.reprints@gmail.com

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  • kiseki_okose@livejournal.com
Hi everybody
I opened this LJ because i wanted to share the love
I usually buy brand new CDs of JE but i sell them after a while
I also intend to sell my collection from Japan from time to time

depending on the item(s) i might accept cash for smaller items in dollar bills only (NO COINS)
mainly i will only accept paypal

I have:
Offical J.E. pictures
Open or Brand New Singles & Albums
Misc. Con goods
Reprints when requested only(email: kiseki.reprints@gmail.com)

Contact me: kiseki.okose@gmail.com for anything else.