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Shipping + FAQs

Shipping Info

Shipping fees are per person basis and weight of the package.
I'm no longer responsible for the item after it leaves my hands.
In this day and age mail doesn't usually get lost but since openning this I have encountered a few lost mail but so far they are only happening to the Reprints.
If you are afraid that your mail might get lost please ask for a quote on REGISTERED MAIL or POSTAGE INSURANCE. I always try to take every precaution so that every item that I send out gets to your hands safely in one piece. If any items arrives to you damaged, please contact me via email I'm sure we can work things out.

If you think your item(s) is/are lost, please contact me via email, I will have to check with the post office.

Applies to REPRINTS only
If you think your reprint orders are lost in the mail, please contact me via email so I maybe able to analyse the situation and if deemed lost then I will send replacements to you.
Provided that firstly the address given is correct and that item has exceeded 14 working days since being mailed out.


How do you package my uchiwa?
Well, I sandwich it between 2 cardboard pieces which are cut bigger than the uchiwa where our beloved boys are printed on.
Bubblewrap it front and back. even the top and the bottom to make sure it doesn't shift from its position.
Bubble wrap the handle.
Use special bubblewrapped envelope to seal & write FRAGILE DO NOT BEND
and send it out to you.
If you request or order many uchiwa, then I would pack it in a box instead of an envelope.(all at your own cost)

How do you package items smaller than an Uchiwa? (e.g. Singles & Albums)
I usually buy A5 sized AUSPost special bubblewrap envelope and mail it out.
Again, if you are afraid your item(s) get(s) lost in the mail please tell me to include insurance. Once an item leaves my hands I'm no longer responsible for it.

How do you package my reprints?
Orders from 28 April 2007 onwards will have each individual reprint in a plastic pocket, if an order is too thin, a cardboard from the back of the writing pad will be added. The address on the envelope is written before the reprints are placed inside it and sealed.

-Pics are now available also in matt surface in 3R size only
***this change is due to the feedbacks and suggestions given by previous orders so that reprints will not stick or bend in the envelope due to the heat at the back of the plane when the gloss heats up, cools down and sticks to the paper of the envelope.

What happens if my order gets lost in the mail?
Usually with technology now, its rare to have mail lost that is what i personally feel.
If you are afraid or just want extra insurance please tell me when I contact you then we can make appropriate arrangements, all at your own cost though. I'm not responsible for items lost in the mail.

What happens if I receive a badly damaged/broken uchiwa?
I will try my very best to pack and ship the uchiwa safely to you.
If it unfortunately becomes badly disfigured, we will discuss the situation further and try to sort things out.(This excludes the paper of the uchiwa following the shape of the frame because that happens to all uchiwa.Especially the ones made after 2005. I have noticed the inside frame is different in 2005 compared to the ones from 2006 onwards.)

What happens if my payment gets lost in the mail?
Well, sending concealled cash is at the risk of the buyer. I cannot send out items until I have received payment. If possible, try to send it where signature is required.
But if the mail gets lost, but I finally receive it, I will mail out your items if I still have it with me or I will contact you and see how we can deal with it.

What happens if the reprints I ordered are damaged?(e.g. the envelope is stuck to it, its bent)
Well, it depends on whose error it is. If its mine, such as the envelope being stuck to the reprint then please notify me before you mail the picture back to me. If its bent when it arrives, if you did not request for a tougher cardboard to be included then it most likely that you would not get a new replacement.
This only applies to paid items.

**more to be added as this grows.


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