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May 21st, 2008

Hi everyone
In case there are any vistors, I'm no longer active on this LJ acc.
I would like to say thanks to everyone who has commented,enquired and even bought and pre-ordered stuff from me.

I will still reply comments or emails of those who are still interested in buying items still listed on this site but please kindly leave an email address so that I can reply ASAP.

For those who have previously ordered NewS Taiwan con goods, I have repeatedly said sorry for the lateness, I have not earned anything off this and I was just trying to help when none/not many sellers were able to even get the goods. It is not my fault that J.E. delayed their J-Web orders and neither is the loss of any orders after postage of the mail because in the confirmation email we have already advised that you take EMS/Registered Mail. Also just for the record, all paypal payments for the pre-orders did not did not enter my personal paypal account, they went straight to my friend in Japan.

Having taken these orders and due to J.E. delaying the goods, many have demanded refunds or did not pay after the given date, We/She still has a large number of those goods.

With this I want to say that its always great to think of yourself first (well because we love ourselves the most otherwise we can't love others) but there's always two sides to everything and that even though when money gets in the way but maybe its good to step back and see that you're not the only one thats unhappy, hurt and pissed off.

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