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Hi everyone
In case there are any vistors, I'm no longer active on this LJ acc.
I would like to say thanks to everyone who has commented,enquired and even bought and pre-ordered stuff from me.

I will still reply comments or emails of those who are still interested in buying items still listed on this site but please kindly leave an email address so that I can reply ASAP.

For those who have previously ordered NewS Taiwan con goods, I have repeatedly said sorry for the lateness, I have not earned anything off this and I was just trying to help when none/not many sellers were able to even get the goods. It is not my fault that J.E. delayed their J-Web orders and neither is the loss of any orders after postage of the mail because in the confirmation email we have already advised that you take EMS/Registered Mail. Also just for the record, all paypal payments for the pre-orders did not did not enter my personal paypal account, they went straight to my friend in Japan.

Having taken these orders and due to J.E. delaying the goods, many have demanded refunds or did not pay after the given date, We/She still has a large number of those goods.

With this I want to say that its always great to think of yourself first (well because we love ourselves the most otherwise we can't love others) but there's always two sides to everything and that even though when money gets in the way but maybe its good to step back and see that you're not the only one thats unhappy, hurt and pissed off.

Akiko Chan
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[Reprints] Starting of the new PHOTO PACKETS

I have started a new Comm reprintables with iluvrice we are still workin out the kniks.

We have tested all our photos before doing this (thats why it took so long)

Selling assorted packs of reprints in 10s
cost:$5USD (that means $0.50 per pic)
Postage is free.
every 3 packs you buy the 4th one is for free.
in each pack there will be no duplicate pieces

now this is a trial and we have only 17 4R packets up for grabs..(old & new pics mixed)
Have been personally QCed by me to ensure quality.
original shop pics are 3R 3.5"x5"
4R are 4"x6", so they are abit blown up with a thinner border.

If this trial has a good response, we will be doing it along side the requested reprints for:
-$0.80 per piece when you pick and choose
-$5 per 10 assorted pieces packet

old images in the packets HERE (mainly NewS and 1 Sho image)
the new ones have not been uploaded.

if you are interested pls comment with the following:
(all comments are screened)
No. of packs:
Payment Mtd: Paypal/Concealled Cash @ sender's risk

I will get back to you ASAP.
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Release of new reprinting shop images

Hi everybody

I'm back & I'm planning to launch a whole new reprinting batch..
its BIG its BETTER and it has MORE GROUPS!
I will upload the images ASAP (my cam has gone wonky lately.)

so whats the pricing?

Cost:$0.80USD each
Shipping:$1 USD (buy 8 or more to enjoy free shipping)

Payment: Concealled Cash/Paypal

Singaporean & Bruneian residents have special pricing.

I have a new email address just for reprints:
any other non-reprinting emails should still be sent to:
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Hi everybody.
this is a tiny update.. I know tat everybody is very concerned with their taiwan goods orders.

my friend emailed me this yesterday.

hi!i got an email from je yesterday saying that due to the large number of orders they recieved the goods will be 2 weeks late, so theyll get gere around mid december ok? sorry for having everyone wait

again I have to say like in the profile of this community that I'm only incharge of the administration, I'm totally dependant on the other contacts.
We are not out to cheat you & I have very limited time on the internet lately.
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Status : NewS Taiwan Con Goods Pre-Order from Japan

wow i didnt expect such a big response from everybody..
I thought most people already got their taiwan goods.
I'm up to my neck in orders.

all the grp posters are sold out.(our limit is 25. we dont want JE coming after us)
I have to do about 50 confirmation emails... and counting.
pls b patient.
I have class to go to @ 1PM GMT+9 .. should be back by 8pm GMT+9

Pi - 15
Ryo - 21
Koyama - 24
Shige - 23
Massu - 24
Tegoshi - 19
Group - SOLD OUT .
Clear File
Pi - 19
Ryo - 21
Koyama - 24 .
Shige - 24
Massu - 23
Tegoshi - 22
Group - 14
Pi - 19
Ryo - 20
Koyama - 22 .
Shige - 22
Massu - 21
Tegoshi - 16

Pamphlet - 7
Postcard Set - 19
Chopstick Set - 21
Penlight - 21
Seal Book - 21

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(no subject)

My sincere apologies to anybody that regularly comes here
(not a lot but thanks anyway)

I totally forgot that I have not finished updating my album for reprints
Album has been moved to PhotoBucket
I will do so this Weekend after all my Assignment are done.
Just a rough idea of what I have now.

Jin Con pics
Jin papa pics
Jin Shop Pics
KAT-TUN Shop pics
Toma Shop Pics(very old ones)
Toma x Kazama Shop Pics
and NEWS as usual.
I will expand my collection to T&T , K8 & Jr pics when the comm becomes fully and wholly active.
I think I have some Arashi shop pics laying around somewhere.
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Genki Kai?

Hi minna
sashiburi desu!
o genki desu ka?
Been away for a every long time.
This is just an annoucement that its August & our new comm will start soon as we get settled down.

Will be selling Originals of JE Shops alongside REPRINTS at more affordable prices.
at cheaper rates compared to anywhere else. (hopefully)

~aidoru-ya~ The Idol Shop
LJ Site/Community
About Us

yoroshiku onegaishimasu
We haven't started anything except making the comm.
We will offer a range of services including bidding on Yahoo!Japan.
for the whole list of services that we are going to offer please go to [ABOUT US]

to give you an idea of what Yahoo!Japan Auctions might have...
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Above is a (holy) Signed board that they give out only during cons & that is Kei's
Johnny's aren't allowed to autograph anything except during cons
I wanna own one, one day *sigh*~~
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
That is some really old Ohno uchiwa during his Jr days
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
8/9 nin NewS

we will also do non-JE related Yahoo bids
everything, even prices are not set yet

my LJ will still be up and running working on mainly reprints & originals.

Hope everybody would give us sometime to set up this comm and make it flourish.

Akiko Chan
Many Thanks to those who have been visiting my LJ even though I'm inactive.
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Hi Minna san

I'm selling this
PIKA**NCHI DOUBLE JAPANESE LE DVD + figurines + stickers
(basically the whole lot of LE that was packaged with this LE DVD)

completely new
Collapse )
(if you would like to pay via another method please let me know)

Sale: 60 USD (shipping included)[Negotiable]
Item location: Australia
click here to convert to your own currency
if you are interested please leave a comment with your email so i will be able to contact you

if you are interested please leave me a comment with your email & I will get back to you ASAP.
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Hi minna san

If you are interested in any of my shop pics that I offer for reprinting,

All images can be found on this online album.
Album has been moved to PhotoBucket

*update not complete I have over 100 originals that I haven't catalogued*
=edited 13 Sept=

I now offer two different sizes and surface textures.
3R Matt & 4R Glossy

**note: This shop does not reprint unless orders are placed.
Orders with 5 pieces or more are offered free shipping.
Also note that the original shop pics from Japan are all 3R size.
4R will blow the pic up abit and sometimes the edges will be thinner than the originals.

(Concealled cash at own risk, NO COINS)
Sale: 0.70 USD each (shipping not included)
Shipping: 0.30 USD - 0.80 USD (applies to orders less than 5)

Sale: 0.70 SGD (applies only to addresses in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei due to cheaper international airmail cost)
Shipping: 0.50 SGD (applies to orders less than 5)

click here to convert to your own currency

Collapse )
if you are interested please leave a comment with the following ordering format, so i will be able to contact you.

Akiko Chan