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Hi everybody & welcome to my LJ.

I opened this LJ because I wanted to share the J love
I usually buy stuff but i sell them after a while
I also intend to sell my collection from Japan from time to time.
I'm based in AU due to tertiary studies.

depending on the item(s) i might accept cash for smaller items in dollar bills only (NO COINS)
[all concealled cash is mailed at your own risk]
mainly i will only accept paypal

I have:

Click here for future Items

Packaging Details + FAQs

Buyer FeedBack(I hope that buyers would take some time to comment here Many Thanks)

I also accept requests for Yahoo!Japan
but since I'm not in Japan, I have a middleman to help me get stuff on the Yahoo!Japan auctions and she charges a rate plus the added on shipping and me shipping out to you again, so its gonna cost.

for enquires/requests
contact me @
for reprint requests
contact me @
mailing format & requirements : HERE

thats all folks
Akiko chan

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Paparazzi Pics for sale

Hi minna

I'm finally sorting out the goods I previously received and these 6 papa pics.
There are only one of each and are the original pieces which I won from the Japan Auctions. These will not be made into reprints.

(Concealled cash at own risk and in AUD only NO COINS)
Sale: 2 AUD each(shipping not included)
Shipping: 2 AUD for any amount of pics purchased
click here to convert to your own currency
if you are interested please leave a comment with your email & pic no. so i will be able to contact you

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kiseki_okose's Cove REVAMP

Hi everybody I'm back from my exams.

Firstly I'm going to do a revamp on this site,
following a whole lot of new shop pics for reprints and a few unique items up for sale/resale or pre-order.

Some of the items I have for pre-order such as photo engravings on metal dog tags or pendants, these do not have to be about J.E.

Reprints are now available in 3R & 4R.
3R being MATT surface
4R being GLOSS surface.
Pics will be taken to show difference.

There will also be a new giveaway corner for reprints that I have lying around my apartment.
A giveaway will occur only when there is a new batch of shop pics are made available.
A giveaway usually comes in sets and only 1 set is released at a time, fastest person first.

New rules in the Shipping + FAQs

Thats all for now.

Akiko Chan

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Photo Engraving

Hi minna
I came across this today while shopping.
Photo Engraving on Metal Tags
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
I'm gonna make Shige & Koyama on it. Was wondering if anyone else wanted to make them. Seriously hoping bulk might be cheaper.

its $30AUD with shipping.
(Concealled cash at own risk and in AUD only NO COINS)
Sale: 30 AUD / 25 USD (shipping included)
Item Location: Melbourne,Australia
click here to convert to your own currency
if you are interested please leave a comment with your email so i will be able to contact you

p.s. that is not a pic of me.
There are 3 different sizes and the prices are different, the Heart shape is the medium size.
the small is an oval about 1.5cm in height = 26 AUD
the large is the army dog tag size. = 35 AUD

I will have to check with the store tomorrow when I get my KoyaShige done.

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Closed till 1st July

Hi everybody gomen for waiting..

all the final orders have been sent out on Monday except those that are put on hold or the payment has not been received.
Please comment to let me know you have received them.
If you haven't please email me @ kiseki.okose@gmail.com

I'm having my exams for 1 entire month
1 each week(life sucks..)
I will be back to bring you all more piccies..

Those that have ordered the originals from me.
The seller has already received some of them.
The rest will come in together with the remainder of the KAT-TUN Tokyo Dome goods
after which they will all be sent to me.
Please wait coz it will still take abt a month for everything I guess.

hope to see you all in 1 month's time.

Akiko Chan

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NewS Debut 7-11 Uchiwa

Hi minna


I'm selling this NewS Debut 7-11 Uchiwa
click for bigger image
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

I won it off the auctions without knowing that it didn't have a plastic.
It is in good condition tho and selling @ half the cost which I won it for. I will try my best to find a plastic to cover up the uchiwa.

(Concealled cash at own risk and in AUD only NO COINS)
Sale: 15 USD (shipping not included)
shipping large parcel http://www.auspost.com

click here to convert to your own currency
if you are interested please leave a comment with your email so i will be able to contact you


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Hi minna
Just to inform you. I will not be able to take any requests for the Japanese Auctions because the person in Japan is back in USA for holiday so currently theres's nobody to bid and pay for the item.
Sorry to those who have sent me emails for requests previously.
I will inform you ASAP when she returns to Japan.

Akiko Chan

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Hi minna
just wanted to let you know that the 5 of us have decided on the comm name & the services that we will provide.
Most of the services will only commence after August.
The name of the new comm will not be released yet until we have settled the layout and other stuff.

A sneak peek of the services we will provide

  • Con goods pre-orders

  • *available when there are J.E. concerts
  • Bidding for Japanese & Taiwanese Auctions such as Yahoo or Amazon at a minimal charge

  • Special orders for original shop pics that are new and still available in the shop

  • *available only after August
  • selling of our 5 individual items

  • reprints by me

  • Fan-made items and other Japanese styled Handicraft work

To control what is going on in the comm. Only the 5 of us are able to post.

Also, we know its tough to get your hands on the latest TV Guide when so little are shipped out of Japan. So when there are people wanting weekly TV mags, we will be able to get them for you but only after one of us move to Japan.

Another note, all reprints will be charged $0.70 USD after I release my new batch of pictures available for reprinting. All reprints from then on will be given a plastic pocket each to protect the gloss from sticking to the envelope.

People living in Singapore, Malaysia & Brunei reprints will cost $0.70 SGD each.

People who still want to order now will still be charged $1 USD until my release of new reprints.

The same rule still applies, buy 5 to get free shipping.
Together with my new release of reprints, I will also take orders for original shop pics before June when my seller goes to Japan.
Each original will cost $2.70 USD, buy 5 to get free shipping.
I cannot give discounts for this because I'm being charged by the seller at this price.

*waiting for seller to return from Japan

Ja ne~~
Akiko Chan

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Ok after reviewing the cost of the reprints..
and I will be getting them printed in SG instead of AU.
There will be a price change for the reprints that I'm offering.
it will cost lower, choice of size (3R or 4R) @ the same price.
[new price will not commence as of yet.. to be decided]
*3R are the original size of the officals...
*4R will have a smaller border compared with 3R & the original.

the same rules apply, buy 5 pics to get shipping free.
Orders from Singapore, Brunei & Malaysia will be charged the same rate that I'm charging those who are ordering from SG,MY,BRU now which is already discounted from the original 1 USD.

*my goods that I have ordered have been shipped out yesterday.
so I should be getting them in 1 - 3 weeks time.

also there are 4 K8 flyers that I might give out together with the Ryo uchiwas for a fee or for free.. since i actually paid to get them.
you can choose to buy them individually but shipping costs 11.80 AUD for an A4 size international air mail which will cost seperately. (large letter/parcel)

another note:
a new comm will be set up for the sales of 4 individuals who are my friends.
the new comm name will be decided during the weekend.

you will be able to preorder con goods, shop goods, buy/bid Yahoo!Japan auction items and other services that I offer such as reprints. all at one location. and the 4 of us are located on the 4 corners of the globe.
I will also accept orders to buy stuff that is totally non-J.E. related and is available in Melbourne, Australia.

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10 Uchiwas for SALE

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Selling these 10 uchiwas...
(1 of which I do not bear to sell.)

shipping 250g and under ( http://www.auspost.com )[International Large Air Parcel]
Asia/Pacific: 6.20 USD
USA/Canada/Middle East: 7 USD
Rest of the World: 8.30 USD
*combined shipping available [Packaging Details]

bigger pics and prices hereCollapse )

I'm including a couple(2 per uchiwa) of free reprints from this post and this post only.
depending on the availability
Currently I have Massu01, Massu02, Massu03, Massu04, Shige01, Shige03

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Arashi - THE DOG Collection

This was released in 2002 a collab between JE & artist INTERNATIONAL


Sale: 23 USD (shipping included)
*I won it in the Japan auctions at this price coz it was too irresistable..XD
click here to convert to your own currency
if you are interested please leave a comment with your email so i will be able to contact you

other Arashi goods here

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